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Every phase of a child's development presents parents with a set of new challenges. While dealing with unregulated emotions in the toddler years demands a lot of energy, a few years later, parents must deal with the issue of media usage. This is where coaching comes in, providing parents with the necessary support to navigate the challenges of each developmental phase with knowledge and practical tips.

What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is personalised guidance that offers parents informative and inspiring tips for everyday parenting. Its aim is to strengthen parenting skills through practical tips and strategies. The acquired techniques are then directly applied in family life. Coaching approaches encompass various areas such as interfamily communication, conflict resolution, emotional management, self-care, and the reinforcement of the parent-child relationship.


The advantages of parent coaching

Individual, personalised guidance:

Goals, wishes and challenges are defined individually for each family.

Efficiency and confidentiality:

Particularly effective thanks to one-to-one sessions in a private and discreet environment.

Structured, organised information:

Parents receive knowledge relevant to their topic without having to read countless guidebooks.


Parents can plan the schedule of the sessions flexibly with the coach.

Sustainable, holistic benefits:

Techniques taught can be applied to different parenting focuses and have a generally positive impact on family life.

New perspectives and stress management:

Strategies learnt help to cope better with everyday life and reduce stress levels.

Motivation and strengthening of self-confidence: 

Emphatic support as well as emotional support and motivation from the coach.

Is parent coaching suitable for me?

Parent coaching is suitable if:

your family means everything to you, and you are looking for support with certain parenting issues.

your children spend too much time in front of the screen, and you want to guide them towards responsible media use.

you are constantly arguing when it comes to helping around the house or doing homework.

your child's tantrums require a lot of strength and you want to guide your child in regulating these intense emotions.

you want a respectful and trusting relationship with your children or would like to improve it.

your own needs are often neglected, and you need more time for self-care.

you find it difficult to set clear boundaries and follow them consistently.

you want to reduce the rivalry between your children and strengthen the bond between them.

you want better time management and a balance between family and work.


Duration and procedure of a parent coaching session

happyhouse offers a range of individual coaching topics. All currently available courses and their content can be viewed in the menu under the heading Coaching.


The content of all coaching courses is taught in 50-minute sessions. Less complex topics such as time management and self-care are explained in two individual sessions, while more extensive topics such as communication with teenagers require four individual sessions.


Once a topic has been chosen, the date for the first session can be set. The first session generally focuses on providing theoretical background knowledge, as this is often a key moment for parents. In the subsequent sessions, practical tips for everyday life as well as communication techniques and parenting methods are passed on. These are repeated in the coaching sessions until the parents reach a certain level of confidence in the topic.

Family Coaching at HappyHouse: A Guide for Parents in Mallorca


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