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  • What does Solution-Oriented Systemic Advice mean?

    Systemic solution-oriented consulting aims to explore problems within a broader context, emphasizing resources, strengths, and solutions. Its objective is to shift the perspective on the problem in order to develop effective solutions and strategies for improving daily life.

  • What does coaching consist of?

    Coaching is a guided program for parents designed to teach effective parenting strategies, nurture positive parent-child relationships, and address challenges in family life successfully. You can find coaching sessions on various parenting topics in the menu under Coaching.

  • Are group coaching sessions available?

    Yes, group coaching sessions are also available for those interested in a specific topic together. You can find further information under the section Prices (Group Coaching).

  • How can I book an appointment or get in touch?

    You can reach me by phone at 0034 660 996 510 or via email at hola@happyhouse-mallorca.com.

  • Where do the counseling sessions take place?

    Counseling sessions and coaching sessions take place in my home office in Pollenca. Online sessions are also an option.

  • Is it possible to receive advice/coaching in your own home?

    Yes, it is possible, but please note that costs are higher because the expenses for the journey are charged separately. You can find more information under the section Prices (Home Visits).

  • Can or should my child be present at the counseling session?

    In general, yes. During the initial telephone interview, we can discuss what is best and who should attend the first session.

  • What methods and approaches does the coach use?

    I employ the methods of conscious and positive parenting, which encompass respectful and appreciative communication, fostering a trusting parent-child relationship, maintaining closeness and empathy as well establishing healthy boundaries and consistently follow them.

  • How does a counseling session work?

    The sessions are customised to meet the individual needs of each family and typically follow this process:

    • Initial telephone conversation: We explore current challenges, hopes, goals and expectations regarding my role as your coach.
    • Counseling session: Parents engage in describing the situation while I listen attentively and pose specific questions to gain deeper understanding of the situation. Together, we formulate an action plan and strategies to address the issues and achieve your goals.
    • The sessions are interactive and geared toward facilitating positive change, following a systemic solution-oriented approach. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • How does a coaching session work?

    The coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each family and typically follow this structure:

    • Initial telephone conversation: We determine the topic of interest, areas for improvement, and your expectations for me as your coach.
    • Coaching: Parents receive theoretical background knowledge, followed by practical tips and techniques that can be applied directly in everyday parenting. Occasionally, role-playing exercises may help solidify the concepts learned.
    • Each coaching session lasts approximately 50 minutes. Depending on the focus, content may be divided into 1 to 4 sessions to facilitate successful implementation in daily life.
  • Is my enquiry and our discussion confidential?

    To formalise the commitment to confidentiality, a written confidentiality agreement is signed by both parties at the beginning of each session. My work as a parent coach is based on the following ethical principles: Confidentiality, best interests of the child, respect and empathy, professionalism, conflict resolution and adherence to boundaries.

  • What happens if I miss or cancel an appointment?

    Please cancel or reschedule counseling appointments no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time.

  • What topics or problems can be discussed in the sessions?

    We can discuss any topics related to everyday parenting in our meetings.

    During the free initial consultation, we will determine whether a session with me would be beneficial, or if an alternative professional should be considered.

  • Which subject areas are not covered by the consultant?

    I do not provide assistance for medical or mental illnesses, issues related to violence or abuse, problems in parental partnerships, legal matters such as custody or divorce, or severe developmental disorders. 

    During the free initial consultation, we will determine whether a session with me would be beneficial, or if an alternative professional should be considered.

  • Can I come to the consultation alone, or do both parents have to attend?

    The decision of whether both parents or just one should attend the appointment depends on the specific goals and needs of your family. In some cases, having both parents present may be beneficial for improving communication and understanding. In other situations, the participation of one parent may be sufficient, especially when individual concerns are involved.

  • How much does a counseling session/coaching course cost, and what payment options are available?

    All information regarding the various sessions and associated fees can be found in the menu under the section Prices. Payment can be made in cash or via BIZUM after each completed session.

  • Is online consultation possible?

    Yes, online sessions are indeed an option. They offer flexibility and convenience, particularly when in-person meetings are challenging.

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