About HappyHouse: Our Story and Commitment to Family Well-being in Mallorca

Hello! I'm Katja, a proud mother of two young adults, a qualified parent coach and a staunch advocate of deep interpersonal relationships.


  • Born in Germany in 1975
  • Moved to Mallorca in 1998
  • Pollenca is my home of choice, here I found paradise.
  • My children Alexa (2002) and Jasper (2006) were born and raised here.
  • My vision: Be the best version of yourself. Every day gives us the opportunity to start afresh.
  • Empathy, strong intuition, and compassion are my strengths.
  • I speak German, English and Spanish.

Why I coach: 

My journey as a parent coach originates from my personal experiences as a parent. Being a mother brought me immense joy, and I wholeheartedly embraced it, but I must tell you that parenting was far from easy for me.  I was a single, self- employed parent, living abroad without any family support, so I truly understand the feelings of exhaustion, being overwhelmed, overworked with little time for my children or myself. I know too well the feeling of being isolated without knowing who to turn to. I have experienced sleepless nights filled with worry and I am aware of the weight of parent guilt and what it can do to you!

BUT…I worked hard to make a good life for us and managed to raise happy, well balanced children. These personal experiences have shaped my understanding of the struggles and uncertainties that families are facing all around me. Motivated by this and the desire to help others, I pursued further education as a parental consultant and launched “happyhouse”. I feel that I have a lot to offer you and would be delighted to provide you with my support. Feel free to reach out to me using the contact form below or give me a call for a free consultation. 

About HappyHouse: Our Story and Commitment to Family Well-being in Mallorca



My educational background encompasses:

Developmental psychology

Interfamily communication

Positive discipline /Conscious discipline

Media education 

About HappyHouse: Our Story and Commitment to Family Well-being in Mallorca


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