Selfcare in parenting

Do you have high expectations for yourself or feel pressured to be a perfect mother/father? 

Are your personal needs often neglected because all your attention is focused on the children and family? 

Do you occasionally find yourself losing control or raising your voice due to stress and a lack of time for yourself? 

Do you need tips on how to find more time for your own needs without feeling guilty? 

Are you a single parent in need of more support to reduce your stress levels?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course will provide you with the necessary tools to address the issue effectively.

You will receive practical tips and proven strategies to balance your parenting role with your personal needs.

The coaching is divided into three modules, with each session lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Self-Care for Parents at HappyHouse: Find Balance and Well-being in Your Parenting Journey in Mallorca

Content overview

Basics of self-care:

  • It starts with you and your relationship with yourself.
  • Self-care is not selfish; it is necessary.
  • Questionnaire for more satisfaction – Explore your personal needs, interests, refuges, and stress factors.

How to practice self-compassion:

  • Say "No" to negative self-talk and "Yes" to more self-compassion with the “Best Friend”-Technique.
  • Emotion regulation in challenging situations with the “Hand on Heart”-Technique.

Applied self-care in Everyday life:

  • Your self-care routine.
  • A self-compassion exercise.
  • Simplify your life / Ask for help.


Foundations of self-care:

  • Why your relationship with yourself is crucial. Only when you're well, everyone else around you can be well.
  • Why self-compassion is not selfish but necessary. You're a human, not a parent robot.
  • Happiness Questionnaire - A guide to identifying your personal needs, breaks, and boundaries.
  • The positive impact of short breaks. Your children can handle a "no."


How to practice self-compassion:

  • How to stop the bully in your head and how to be more compassionate with yourself instead.
  • Dealing with challenging situations with a mindful mindset. Introduction to the "Best Friend" technique.
  • How not to be triggered by your child's negative emotions. Introduction to the "Hand on Heart" technique.


Applied self-care in everyday life:

  • Your self-care routine starts today.
  • A self-compassion practice tailored to your current challenges.
  • How to simplify your life. Take control and ask for help.
Self-Care for Parents at HappyHouse: Find Balance and Well-being in Your Parenting Journey in Mallorca


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