Relationships and communication with teenagers

Do you find it difficult to understand the emotional ups and downs of your teenager or want to grasp what's happening in their brain?

Do you want to negotiate healthy boundaries with your teenager while granting them space but constantly face conflicts in this regard?

Do you aim to build trust with your teenager and maintain a respectful relationship?

Do you need tips for respectful and trusting communication with your teenager?

Are you searching for strategies to resolve conflicts collaboratively and constructively with your teenager?

Do you need guidance to encourage your teenager's independence and willingness to co-operate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course will provide you with the necessary tools to address the issue effectively.

You will receive practical tips and proven strategies to strengthen the bond with your teenager and improve your communication.

The coaching is divided into four modules, with each session lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Bonding and Communication with Teens at HappyHouse

Content overview:

Teenage development:

  • Major construction site: The teenage brain explained.
  • Developmental task: Identity formation/Self-discovery – Finding one's own path. 
  • Your role as parents during the turbulent years.

Communication with teenagers:

  • Building a conversation through open questions. 
  • Active listening.
  • Respectful communication (nonviolent).

Conflict resolution:

  • Proactive and constructive through the conflict.
  • Problem solving as team "WE". 
  • Why threats/punishment achieve nothing.

Building a trusting relationship:

  • "Tune in" – strategy to strengthen your bond.
  • Space and rules.
  • The family meeting.
  • Promoting personal responsibility.


Teenage development: 

  • Understanding the teenage brain - Making sense of mood swings, egocentrism, impulsivity, and irrationality.
  • The developmental task between 10 and 20 years: Identity formation and self-discovery. Why establishing boundaries is crucial now.
  • Your role as parents during adolescence and how to navigate this challenge.


Communication with teenagers: 

  • "Open Questions" - Initiating conversations.
  • "Active Listening" - Listen, and they will talk.
  • The 5 Steps of respectful/non-violent communication with teenagers.


Conflict resolution: 

  • Proactively resolving conflicts - Emerging stronger in 5 steps.
  • Team "WE" - Guiding, not controlling. Finding solutions together.
  • Why threats and punishment are ineffective - Conditioning was yesterday.


Building a trusting relationship: 

  • "Tune in" - How to connect with your teenager.
  • Clear rules for orientation and safety.
  • Team spirit for cooperation. "Familiy Meeting" - Strengthening communication and bonding.
  • Promoting independence and personal responsibility - "Good choices/Bad choices."
Bonding and Communication with Teens at HappyHouse


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